Throw out your back, I dare you.

There’s a quick way to find out what is important and cannot wait, versus what you can completely forget about.


Good morning,

I’ve devised a quick way to figure out what’s important, what can be left for an hour or day or so, and what can be completely forgotten about.

I’m not sure you’ll all go for it but here it is.

Throw your back out.

No really, it’s the quickest way to help you determine what really cannot wait vs. what you’d normally do.

If putting on your clothes requires all kinds of leveraging implements, you determine pretty quickly if where you are going that you’re getting yourself all gussied up for is really worth the effort.

If your saucepans you need to prepare dinner are stored in the lower drawer, all of a sudden a dingable dinner from the freezer sounds mighty appetising at mid-torso height. And as for dishes in the sink, we can buy new!

All kinds of choices abound…. breathing versus blinking, pick up your handbag or just leave it and hope someone hands it in one day, 250mg ibuprofen vs 500mg paracetomal (duh).

Definitely sorts the wheat from the chaff.

Try it, you might like it.

Author: Pollyanna Whyte

Single LDS Mormon Mum/Mom living in England. This is my blog on emotional health, fun, parenting, life, divorce, starting over, friends, family, church things, and budgeting. Stop by, tell us what you think, feel free to share (but credit the source please).

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