Prepping made easy – AirDrop and paperwork

The first step in my preparedness and food storage journey has been a breeze, so easy, since I figured a little something out…


Recently we were talking about how when my water supply stopped unexpectedly last week, I was reminded to undertake a personal preparedness plan of action.

The first step it turned out was so easy, sofa comfy, armchair stuff easy.

I have an email address to which I send all my important papers.  It is a very old email address and hardly supported at all.  Forwarding emails to a newer address is cumbersome and time consuming and quite a grind.

Last night I learned how to use the AirDrop facility on my iPad to print off the important documents and it was so easy.  In truth, my daughter showed me that it was possible as she printed school applications from her device and it piqued my interest.

I went in to settings on the iPad and allowed permission to use the AirDrop facility.

I switched on my Epson WiFi enabled printer/scanner which looks quite like this…

Image result for epson wifi printer

I went in to the document I was interested in and clicked the icon on the top right hand side of the screen and it gave me some options of what I wanted to do next.

I swished right, hit the print icon, chose the name of the printer in question (Epson blah blah), chose 1 copy, and the printer started whirring.

Out came the urgent document 🙂

No faffing with laptops and Ethernet cables that are plugged in to the printer and which in turn is plugged in to the router.

Just icon, printer name, quantity, enter.

I am sooooo happy.

So then I started making a file copy of insurance documents and so forth.

Feeling like I’ve made a start is empowering and a great motivator to continue sorting stuff out.  I said I’d do it, and I am doing it.  Using technology which is at my fingertips but I just hadn’t figured it out yet was a great sense of achievement.  I’m likely never going to win awards for coding or network management, but I figured out enough to get started meeting my own needs and that feels good.




Author: Pollyanna Whyte

Single LDS Mormon Mum/Mom living in England. This is my blog on emotional health, fun, parenting, life, divorce, starting over, friends, family, church things, and budgeting. Stop by, tell us what you think, feel free to share (but credit the source please).

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