Prepping for a house move

In preparing for the Post-Divorce house move I’ve started to look at my stuff & throw it away.


I run a lean house. I don’t have time or capacity to do otherwise.

We have no clutter as such, we don’t have nick nacks on the windowsills, we try to deal with paperwork as it comes in.  There is a right place for storage of electronics cables of all descriptions and for duvets for guests.  I think to myself “where would I go to find this” and then I put whatever it happens to be today right there.

There’s been a thousand times in the past that I’ve needed to find something for tax returns or warrantees and ran around the house from pile of paper to pile of paper searching fruitlessly which was highly frustrating until in the end, I learned from my own mistakes and centralised all the papers.

There’s been times I was looking for the pillowcases to go with the duvet set to make a guest comfy but ended up giving them pink covers more suited to children only to find the errant piece of linen later, so I learned from my own mistakes and centralised the linen and full sets are folded neatly inside one of the pillow cases as a linen packet ready for use.  Anything I try to do in the house is based around learning from my own avoidable mistakes or difficulties.

What I didn’t expect over the winter holiday period was to go through my house ruthlessly and bin over 4 refuse sacks of items into the recycling or rubbish which were cluttering up our home or holding us back from living simply.

In preparation for an impending house move this coming Spring, I started to look around my home.  We had duplicates, we had irreparably broken kitchen appliances and beauty products such as hairdryers, we had unfilled paperwork, we had mostly finished craft projects, we had bottles of gloop that were never going to be used and that I would not be taking to the next home in a removal van.  It was time to open the rubbish sack and walk the house again.

Four bags later I couldn’t find anything else to dispose of on this first pass through.  The things we owned were again contained in their rightful place where we’d naturally look for them.  Anything else which I’d been on the fence about throwing away has me mentally mapping how I’m dealing with whatever hurdle it is placing in my way…. the fabric and pollypellets will be turned in to a weighted blanket after this weekend when I buy better needles for the sewing machine.  It’s my first sewing machine project and I’m looking forward to it already although a little daunted.

Now that I’ve gone through the house I know that there’s at least 4 fewer large boxes to pack and haul, I know that I am not transporting rubbish, and I know what I need to do to finish a project or two.  To the best of my knowledge, everything in our house is in working order, there’s not an ornament that I don’t want to see catching my eye daily and I have time and space to live in my home without having to shove items to the side to get to the product I need to use.

It was an investment of time and attention, going through the house with intent to remove items, but the ease of living here has increased, I know where to lay my hand on our possessions and we can enjoy spending time on activities or hobbies which are to hand and in bundles.  It has saved me time, saved me money in removal fees, and saved a tiny piece of my sanity.  I recommend it.



Author: Pollyanna Whyte

Single LDS Mormon Mum/Mom living in England. This is my blog on emotional health, fun, parenting, life, divorce, starting over, friends, family, church things, and budgeting. Stop by, tell us what you think, feel free to share (but credit the source please).

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