Driving Licence and a $980 Bill.

In getting through the legal process without having to go to a final round, I managed to avoid spending £5,000-£7,000 extra.  I’d held the funds in reserve.  What that did was free up a large to me but small to others lump of cash.

I had promised Missy’s granddad that we would get over this winter if at all possible.  I’m in the UK, they’re in Jamaica in a small town near-ish to Negril with the 7 mile beach and palm trees and International hotels.

Between making the promise and now, we had Brexit.  Did you hear about the Brexit referendum?  The most poorly designed and explained vote in the history of humanity.  No electoral college, no regional tally, just yes/no and adding up the vote total nationwide.  So when people were casting protest votes thinking they’d be offset in their Conservative neighbourhood by other people, their vote counted direct toward exit.  *Sigh*.

Brexit Referendum made our exchange rate tank, completely plummet.  We went from £1 = $1.62 to £1 = 1.20.  The currency dropped by 25%.  We could buy 25% less stuff with our money overseas.  But flights and holiday companies put their prices up by 50-100% depending on when and where you were travelling.  Prices hiked and I sat watching the prices tick ever upwards with each refresh of the page.

When the court agreement was reached I decided to spend some of the remaining money on flights to keep a promise.  I had enough to spend the dosh on, moving costs, conveyancing, white goods, but I’d made a promise to a loving granddad.  January sales came around and I was able to get flights and a 5* All Inclusive Premium hotel for peanuts which is joyous.

The Grandparents live around 25 miles from the resort and offered to have us stay at their place on the compound.  Our hotel was practically thrown in for free and has kayaking and windsurfing and 4 restaurants and a swim up pool bar so instead we opted for the majority of the visit being arranged where we go to the house every day but stay at the hotel.  Missy is free to sleep over at the house any time she fancies.

I started the car hire booking and discovered that my licence was incorrect.  Transpires it was in the wrong name, it had expired, it was registered at the wrong address and did not match my passport.  So everything that could be wrong with it was.  I wasn’t able to book the car.

Then I went about arranging taxi’s to regularly take us down the road, a half hour journey to the family home from the hotel.  It transpires that the round trip is US$140.00.  Yep, that’s a daily bill of $140.  Not Jamaican Dollars, US Dollars.  I’ve bought cars for less than $140.

At that point, the frantic, short notice, pleading with the Administrations Gods began.  I have sent off a driving licence renewal request with amendments.  If you apply online and they can verify with your passport number, the turnaround is around a week.  I need the turnaround to be a week but had to revert to analogue so hence the praying… praying hard.  We need my driving licence to arrive at my house by Tuesday.  They’ve had the paperwork since Saturday.  This is cutting it fine, even by my standards.  I have got to stop doing this to myself!

It is not like I didn’t have two previous opportunities to get the licence fixed.  I was prompted when I got a ticket one year ago, picked up the forms to make the amendment and forgot to send them off.  Then during the house buying process I was reminded again that the licence was expired but opted to wait until we were in the new house and had a permanent address so that it wouldn’t have to be changed again afterward.

I have got to do things when I first notice them.  This is the lesson I needed.  A US$980.00 bill for taxi’s alone if this licence doesn’t return in time is the kick in the pants required.  It is so not funny, but it is a little funny, but it’s not funny.  I really should adult better than this.  What is the point of bedding linen being in a matching pillowcase in sets if your driving licence is expired?  Priorities.  At least I won’t go through this pickle again in the next 5 years.  At least I stand a fighting chance of the licence being returned in time.  Fingers crossed.  Wish me luck.


Author: Pollyanna Whyte

Single LDS Mormon Mum/Mom living in England. This is my blog on emotional health, fun, parenting, life, divorce, starting over, friends, family, church things, and budgeting. Stop by, tell us what you think, feel free to share (but credit the source please).

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