Prepping: Water outage

I have a slippery landlord.  Very slippery.  Right now, with a cracked cistern in a 1 bath house and no water he is holding us hostage with the invoice to replace a poorly fitted, old and broken WC before they’ll replace and fix and turn the water back on.

For clarity, we officially have no piped water for sanitation, food prep or drinking.

We are impeccable tenants, we maintain the home, we hire window cleaners, we garden, we take in parcels for the neighbours, we pay the inflated rent on time every time.  In the dictionary where it lists “Model Perfect Tenant” there is a picture of me.

The idea that somebody could hold me hostage for water is shocking and despicable.  I have discovered that it takes  more than 30 litres a day to wash your body and to flush and to get one drink each.  30 LITRES!

What the landlord may or may not have been ready for is water storage.  We’re rationing like crazy but Mormons got the water storage thing going on a strong game.

So, who blinks first?  This is about to get interesting.



5PM UPDATE:  We won!!! (so far, anyway)… without continuing to make a fuss the landlord replaced the equipment and turned the water back on while we were at work.  We discovered the great news upon returning home today.  I could hear the office maintenance guy rolling his eyes on the phone yesterday evening (eye rolling and “whatever” attitude is so loud) but all’s well that ends well and the showers and taps are now operational.  They apparently viewed my video this morning chatting about how the plumber had mentioned the cistern was not attached to the wall correctly and there was too much give and play which caused the crack and leak and were a little easier to deal with once their hostility subsided.  Me to them “In the nicest possible terms, we have no sanitation, could you confirm when we will have access to sanitation please?” was apparently a reason to become terse.  We won!!!

Prepping Made Easy, Next Steps

Time to inventory what we have and plan for what we need for a one month supply. Just payday to payday.

I wrote recently about how a water outage inspired me to get back on the preparedness horse.  It’s been a week or so since I last did anything that would count as productive in this arena so tonight is the night.

I’ve just been paid.  I have to do a grocery shop this weekend.  Now would be a good time to find out what I have vs. what I need to be ready for a month – excluding Fresh Fruit and Vegetables.  In case of Emergency, I figure we can deal with Scurvy as a secondary concern!

So tonight I shall INVENTORY our foodstuffs.

Then I shall knock up a quick meals plan and see if we would have the required ingredients to meet that.

Whatever I don’t have which could be bought in one shop is what I need immediately.

If they have BOGOF (buy one, get one free) sales on the products I’ve identified as being a requirement, I shall pick up the spare and put it in the “storage” section.

I’ll also pick up a few bottles of water and set them to the side.  I have water purification tablets now, but if you have no water it’s difficult to purify anything! 🙂

I have a tiny kitchen with only two small cupboards for storing food and cooking implements.  I’ve been keeping an eye on “dead spaces” as I’ve been walking around our house and I have found a lot of places that with minor and reversible tweaks, because it’s a rental, we can have places to put and easily rotate our provisions while keeping them out of sight.

I’m getting excited.  Can you tell?


Prepping made easy – AirDrop and paperwork

The first step in my preparedness and food storage journey has been a breeze, so easy, since I figured a little something out…

Recently we were talking about how when my water supply stopped unexpectedly last week, I was reminded to undertake a personal preparedness plan of action.

The first step it turned out was so easy, sofa comfy, armchair stuff easy.

I have an email address to which I send all my important papers.  It is a very old email address and hardly supported at all.  Forwarding emails to a newer address is cumbersome and time consuming and quite a grind.

Last night I learned how to use the AirDrop facility on my iPad to print off the important documents and it was so easy.  In truth, my daughter showed me that it was possible as she printed school applications from her device and it piqued my interest.

I went in to settings on the iPad and allowed permission to use the AirDrop facility.

I switched on my Epson WiFi enabled printer/scanner which looks quite like this…

Image result for epson wifi printer

I went in to the document I was interested in and clicked the icon on the top right hand side of the screen and it gave me some options of what I wanted to do next.

I swished right, hit the print icon, chose the name of the printer in question (Epson blah blah), chose 1 copy, and the printer started whirring.

Out came the urgent document 🙂

No faffing with laptops and Ethernet cables that are plugged in to the printer and which in turn is plugged in to the router.

Just icon, printer name, quantity, enter.

I am sooooo happy.

So then I started making a file copy of insurance documents and so forth.

Feeling like I’ve made a start is empowering and a great motivator to continue sorting stuff out.  I said I’d do it, and I am doing it.  Using technology which is at my fingertips but I just hadn’t figured it out yet was a great sense of achievement.  I’m likely never going to win awards for coding or network management, but I figured out enough to get started meeting my own needs and that feels good.




Prepping for normal people

There are shows on telly dedicated to preppers. They are talented in their skill sets and I wish I could start a fire with only two sticks and a cotton ball but alas, I find it tricky with the matches and lighters and prepared fuels because I am a novice. 

Last week our water went out. There was no pressure in the pipes. We were waterless.

I have been told a hundred times to have water storage on hand but I didn’t have any.  I used to but we drank it when we were camping a while back.

People I know have water butts, others have Evian or store bought bottles.  Others have stored tap water and have purification methods on hand.  We had nothing to hand but we did have wet wipes for hygiene. 

Mormons are strongly advised to have a quantity of food storage, a quantity of water, a quantity of financial saving, a comfortable level of self-reliance (camping or cooking outdoors) and to have suitable kit and copies of documents for if you had to leave your home in a hurry for a day or so.  

This is mainly so that if you were to fall upon hard times with a job loss or big bills, or your water goes out, or there is a gas leak or forest fire near your home or something similar and you were evacuated for a while, or if your neighbour falls upon hard times you’ll have something to share or something to sustain you and your family.

I have had food storage several times, and in the past 4 years there have been times of scarcity and I had to rely upon it frequently rather than going to the grocery store/shop and at the moment it is at a nearly all time low of a weeks supply – unless I want us to eat plain rice for months in which case we are set. 

Luckily I was advised by the water board that the problem was at the pumping station and being seen to as we spoke and water would be back on by the morning, and they were true to their word.

But it has got me thinking about how half hooved I am in readiness terms.  Our house is tiny, it is a rental so I cannot make changes, we are pretty strapped for cash while I undertake this divorce proceeding so whatever we do is going to have to be frugally undertaken. 

However, with a couple of wake up calls I have had recently, I am hereby committing to figuring this out and getting back up to speed with whatever I can do to follow the advice so well prepared for me. 

From nearly zero, let’s see what we can get organised over the next few months.