Bucket full of frogs day

There is an old story about if you have to kiss a bucket full of frogs, get the ugliest one over with first. It’s a principle I apply in daily life.


In order to apply for an exemption to something big and icky and related to “the incident” and to move swiftly on to the next step, I have to prove that I am or have been at risk, and provide the paperwork accordingly.

Most peril or risk conversations with authorities happen face to face or over the phone.  They don’t follow up with a nice letter detailing the conversation because people at risk don’t need the “risk-er” going through their post and messages and finding that stuff, and the “risk-ee” opts out of things dropping on their doormat.

BUT, they didn’t figure on the new filing system in the new filing cabinet!  HA HAAA! Continue reading “Bucket full of frogs day”


Tutors for Asperger’s Interpretations, Mears Irlen and Dyslexia

Asperger’s, Mears-Irlen and Dyslexia are a heady combination for students on the Spectrum, and it is a combination frequently found together too. So we’re trying out a tutor to specifically teach “what they mean when they ask this” skills.

My almost off the charts with measured I.Q. kid is often frustrated beyond tolerance because of the holy trinity of

  1. Asperger’s making interpretation of what the examiner wanted to hear very difficult, frequently the questions are ambiguously worded in favour of NeuroTypical students or there is insufficient data to accurately formulate a response.  Often, students with Asperger’s minds go off on a tangent and spiral of “What If’s” and “What does that mean precisely”‘s where a NT would grasp the ambiguity without problem.
  2. Dyslexia gets in the way of moving data from her intellect to the paper in front of her without dropping points for using the wrong spelling or even having the courage to try writing, knowing it will be marked down and criticized.
  3. Mears Irlen is a cousin of Dyslexia in a round about way, but affects words wobbling on the page and sometimes floating or flipping back to front.

It’s been 30 years since I was in Secondary School, or High School for our friends overseas.  During that time the syllabus changed, and the exam criteria changed and all this bountiful head full of knowledge accrued through study and application is of almost no use whatsoever to my teenager.  Continue reading “Tutors for Asperger’s Interpretations, Mears Irlen and Dyslexia”


Bought a car in Spanish, I don’t speak Spanish

Bought a car in Spanish, in England, in the dark, during a thunder and lightening storm. What could possibly go wrong?


An adventure ensued.

Remember those feathers to line the nest we spoke about recently?

Well, I found a home for them.

My faithful little car started making horrid noises so off to the mechanic it went.

I always buy disposable cars expecting them to last a few months but they end up lasting a couple of years and I grow a little emotionally attached to their wellbeing.

The mechanic said:

“I’m so sorry, Luv, but your car’s gonna cost about a grand (£1000) to start fixing it, are you emotionally attached to it?  Do you need some time to consider the options? We could send it to the specialist if you reeeaaaalllllllly want us to”.

I turned to the internet to seek out a new vehicle, on the hoof, for less than the feathers I had in the bank.

Et Voila! Continue reading “Bought a car in Spanish, I don’t speak Spanish”


On the 8th Day: Caramel vs Creme Eggs

Caramel eggs (yum) vs Crème eggs (now available if you want to waste your money). Hard to call…


On the 8th day, did God create CARAMEL EGGS or those filthy cream eggs?

Keep in mind that at this point, the Garden of Eden was still pristine and unsullied, accepting only soft toffee centres.

If creme eggs were on the menu on day 8, was that when the Bossman himself threw up his arms and declared

“That’s It!  It’s all RUINED, why did I bother?”

Just pondering, for a friend.


Today I put down roots

For the first time, I put down roots. This was expressed through the purchase of a filing cabinet! The filing cabinet was an upgrade from the holdall on wheels we’ve been using for a few years because we move house so often.


Today I put down roots and bought a filing cabinet.

A cute thing, adorable in fact, which locks and it petite and fits in the space I have in mind.

Isn’t it preeeettttyyyyyy.


We move house every couple of years and furniture is so heavy.

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The Queen and the Nursing Home

My daughter had a flight of fancy on how to improve care of the elderly in the community, and it started with planning a kidnap.


Someone not too distantly related to me has the urge to do the following one day:

Kidnap the Queen of England, very nicely using biscuits and Corgi Puppies and a white panel van.

Put in her stead a Queen of England impersonator.

For 6 months, the real Queen would be placed in an average nursing home.

The staff would be told that this was their mum, Masie, and she used to be a look-alike and that Masie now thinks she is the Queen but pay no heed, just treat her normally.

For 6 months she would be found sitting in a sun bleached chair, opposite a backgammon board, and occasionally prodded by an assistant in a sky blue tabard asking if she wants a cup of tea or a biscuit.

At the end of the 6 months, the real Queen would be restored to the throne.

We would then see how the elderly are treated from that point forth.

The mirth in the voice of this plan maker is palpable as they squeal

“And she’d be yelling, ‘I’m the Queen, don’t put my slippers on, get me Phillip on the phone!!!'”

Needless to say, I was amused.


Thank you to those who listen.

My heart is joyfully full toward the people who heard what I couldn’t say and responded as if I had said it. I love them.


Today I would like to express gratitude to the people who hear what you are saying even when you cannot get the words out.

Sometimes they even help you identify the emotion that is proving elusive and just out of grasp.

I get crazy until I can name and label the feeling or the reason for the feeling.  Nothing else matters until that is achieved.

I would like to take a moment to be grateful for the people who recognise the urgency of a situation when I am pathetically unable to articulate the matter.

Have you ever had that experience where heart speaks to heart, where someone just “gets it” and steps up? Continue reading “Thank you to those who listen.”